A Look At Some Of The Biggest E-Commerce Trends 2011

Even though 2010 was a year that was plagued by economic recession, e-commerce still managed to grow in a major way which is why it will pay to look at the top e-commerce trends 2011 to see what this year holds in store for us. According to the experts, there is reason to believe that this year will see a significant growth in e-commerce. One should therefore take a closer look at the trends in e-commerce in the year 2011.

The first trend that catches the eye is the one that involves sellers reaching out to the buyer instead of the buyer having to find sellers. At one time, when people wished to purchase something online they would have to visit the website of a seller. However, all that has changed because businesses have realized that buyers are obsessed with social media and by Smartphone.

Therefore, sellers have made it easy to buy things through mobile shopping apps and even social media sites have created special pages where one can shop without needing to leave the site.

The second major trend that is catching everyone’s attention is that of transforming an online shopping experience into a true social event. There are in fact a few e-commerce sites that are making it very easy for buyers to shop at their sites. They have found out what a buyers preference is and have then integrated social media sites with their own site. In this way the seller has been able to leverage social networking in order to promote their e-commerce sales.

Real time shopping is also one of the biggest e-commerce trends 2011. The growth of a few real time platforms has opened the doors for buyers who can now shop in real time. Rather than having to depend on static purchases, buyers will now find it very easy to share live info on trends/patterns in purchasing and price changes with other buyers. This will make it possible for users to shop in real time and in groups.

One stop shopping has become another one of the major e-commerce trends 2011. There are many large sized retailers that are now entering into partnerships with other businesses. This is being done to keep the buyer at their site. Thanks to these partnerships, buyers are now able to buy groceries, electronics and other items at one site. The best part is that their orders will be delivered to their doorsteps or the buyer can schedule a time for picking up their purchases from the store.

Finally, making checkouts a lot easier is another one of the big e-commerce trends 2011. There are certain devices that are very new and are known as near field communication or NFC devices. These devices help in integrating payment with a Smartphone. The upshot of such integration is that now buyers will not need to use their debit or credit cards to pay for goods and services. Instead, they will now be able to use their Smartphone to make the payments.

With such major e-commerce trends 2011 taking shape, it is expected that electronic retail sales are going to grow in a major way. The simple truth is that Americans are becoming very infatuated with shopping at the click of a mouse button and this infatuation has helped to grow e-commerce in leaps and bounds.

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